Living Quarters (Offshore Container Module):

The Construction of Living Quarters for offshore platforms requires a clear understanding of International rules & regulations, codes and standards in the area the facility will utilize and also the expertise to provide safe and comfortable living environments for offshore personnel anywhere in the world.


he Living Quarter is constructed as a sequence of mini modules which are shipped as separate self-contained sections. These modules can be assembled at any location into an integrated Living Quarter for installation onto the topsides as a single lift or installed onto the individual platform etc.


Architectural Materials:

We are supplying various Architectural Materials which is used for Living Quarter construction with class certificates as per the customer requirements.

Insulation Materials:  

Insulation bulkhead A60/other class ceramic wool, Insulation Deck head sound and heat insulation, Insulation Stud Pin, Clip Washer, Fiber Cloth, Adhesive Joint Glue etc.

Wall Panel:

We are supplying Wall panel as per the Class requirements with characterizes as fire proof, noise reduction, lightweight, easy installation etc.

Ceiling Panel:

We have ceiling panel in various types and standards with class certification as per the customer requirement.

Deck Covering:

A60/other class Fire rating materials such as Vinyl Sheet, Cement, carpets, tile etc.


We are supplying different class fire rated window units. These window units are suitable for welding or bolting to bulkhead and consist of a box section frame fully insulated surrounding with special glass (Bullet resistance, Electric Heated etc). Our windows are simple to install and glass is easily replaced should any damage occur.     


We are supplying certified water tight & weather tight doors with class certificates. These doors can withstand high tide, storm and other adverse conditions. The body of the doors is Anti-corrosive type, superior finish, forged metal based construction for added durability and maintain excellent seal against air and water permeability.  

Sanitary Toilet Units:

We are supplying a range of prefabricated wet unit which are made according to the customer specifications (Gravity or vacuum type) or as per the standards for different applications. The toilet units includes the fittings such as water closet, shower, wash hand basin, mirror cabinet, towel rails etc.                 


We are supplying various HVAC Products for the Marine & Offshore Industries such as Air Handling Unit, Explosion-proof HVAC systems, HVAC overall package for living quarters, Mud pit ventilation, Shale shaker ventilation, Cooling plants, Sea/Freshwater-cooled condensing units, Air-cooled condensing units, Fan coils in the cold rooms, Chiller & Freezer setup etc.

Piping & Fittings:

We are supplying vast range of Pipes & Fittings with different materials such as Forged carbon, CS, SS, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, PVC, CPVC, PPR, PERT etc., with different specification, sizes and grades as per the customer requirement.

Electrical & Instrumentation System:

We are supplying Distribution Boards, Transformer, Cables including gland, tie, ladder, MCT etc., lighting system, Storage Batteries, Fire & Gas system, alarm system, detectors such as gas, fire, smoke etc.

Communication & Navigation System:

We are providing supply & service of PAGA system, LAN system, TV system, other communication system and also supplying the navigation equipment’s such as  navigation lights, compasses, search lights, radars, GPS, Binoculars, Ocean LED etc.

Fire Fighting & Life Saving Equipment:

We are supplying High pressure CO2 Fire extinguishing system, Life boat, life raft, life jackets, Man over board, fire hydrant, fire hose, fire lines etc.

Marine Equipment:

We are supplying various equipment’s in the field of Marine & Offshore such as Sewage Treatment Plant, Water makers, Cranes, Hydrophore, Calorifier, Oil water separator, oil purifier etc.
Lifting & Mooring: We offers high quality range of lifting & mooring items such as lifting hooks, quick release hooks, marine shackles, J chasers,  marine anchors, marine bollards, emergency towing system etc.